This is a poem

This is a poem about bells far off ringing in this small Rhine town

A poem about all the songwriters and poets I love who died broke.

It is a poem about writers who complain about institutions muddying the waters.

A poem about loneliness and loud noises.

A love poem about being face down in the grass so close you can smell mother earth.

This is a poem about not knowing if I should be afraid to die.

A poem about war and Nuclear devastation.

It is also a poem about being bored and scrolling endlessly through social media.

As well as a Poem about daydreaming and sleeping.

It isn’t a poem about the critical analysis of writing and prose.

Nor a Poem about sustainable farming or escapist economies.

It kinda is a Poem about building community.

This poem begs you the reader to ask more questions.

It is the kind of Poem that invites you to be part of something.

This is a Poem, by a man in his 50’s, thinking too much most of the time.

This is the end of the poem.


Photo: a visit to the cookie lady / 2022

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