Sabbatical of the Belle – A new book!

The Sabbatical of the Belle is a new book of poetry, prose and pictures about leaving a good job on the railroad where I was working for the man every night and day. I would be lying if I said I didn’t lose a minute of sleep thinking about the ways things might have been, however, I’ve washed a lotta dishes up in Louisville. I’ve run a lot of trains down to Tennessee. I never saw the good side of the derby city, till I got a job on a river boat queen. This new book is about that.

The book is about following your bliss.

It’s about making a decision to leave a career, even though everyone thinks your crazy. It’s about transitioning backwards in time and place into the history books of the transportation industry. It’s about long hot summer days on the Ohio River learning and preserving a river way of life that is almost all but gone. This collection is about work and camaraderie. It’s about being just a small part of something much bigger than yourself. 

The Belle of Louisville is a 105 year old National Landmark. She is an awe inspiring piece of western rivers history that is truly something to experience.  The video below is a good example of my source material!

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What We Do: Roy Betts, of the Belle Of Louisville from brian wagner on Vimeo.


Photo by Chase Hermes