So, you think I am crazy?


So …

Do you think I am crazy?
Have you ever asked what I feel

after i play the Djembe?
Being trained by the best … 
some famous and revered in their countries.
This is the Just Sayin’ post.

I am trolling myself.
Doxxing my mind.

So …

Do you think I may be a liability?
Have you ever thought to ask

what Sun Ra told me
when I called him on the phone?
We used to talk for hours …

I mostly listened!

He was the elder,

I, the faithful dervish.

This is selfish talk.
I can only keep quiet for so long.
Boxing my soul.

So …

You’re afraid to include me?
I would be afraid too!

I have exposed hypocrisy freely;
what have you against that?
Have you ever talked with God?

Met Rumi in the mosque on 4th street? 

Me neither!

I did meet with Shams.
He was on the public bus.

Hanging out with Thomas Merton.
Spitting dope verse.

So, you have a PHD and a MFA.
I have also

Piled it High and Deep!

I also have
a Masters of  Fine Absurdity.

I guess you’re going

to be critical of

the very institutions that
named and made you!

And, I would too.

Be Careful with that.
Biting your own hand.

Shitting in your own cornflakes

is a dangerous position to take.

So …

Do you think I’m nuts?
I have been in the state mental institution,

and to the end
of that darkness some speak of.

I killed myself more than once.
Sufis do that, so do Buddhists and Catholic monks.
And this is egocentric!

Death is nothing to play with.

I have friends who are ghosts.

So, you think I’m nuts?
So, you have a PHD and a MFA?
So, your afraid to include me?
So, you think I may be a liability?
So, you think I am crazy?

If you are offended, defensive
or questioning why i might suggest
this verse or you feel guilty …

That is why we are not getting anywhere.

I know the taste

of my own foot.
I and I
Rasta …
This is a prayer.

Like Job, Like Jesus,
Like Joe Hill … Noah
Eugene V …

Amen and Women too …


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