I Stand For Freedom!

I stand for freedom

and the right to organize!


I stand for love

and strong communities.


I stand for immigrants and

the poor.


I stand for human rights

and all marginalized voices.


I stand up for rivers

and on top of mountains

that you think you own –

i’ll stand with anyone

when your banks are

stealing their homes.


I stand for children and

dreams & folk traditions

that are passed down &

work to preserve our

stories, until all your

myths are torn down.


I will stand if that flag

is draped over a coffin


only devils disrespect

the dead


So much blood

has been spilled

for profit – I won’t

stand for Red.

I won’t stand for White

when it time to have

an American dream.

I will stand for Blue

when it’s in a song

about suffering and

when walking in someone

else’s shoes.


I will stand for fifty billion

stars and that stripe

called the milky way

as I look toward the heavens

& kneel down to to pray.


I won’t stand when you

trade blood for oil – &

trap people in cages to

work for you.


I will stand with any veteran

of any of your stupid wars

like i’ll stand with all workers

& the disabled when they

are knocking on

freedom’s door.


I will stand with the

gay community and all

of their alphabet soup –

my momma didn’t raise

no dummy – to trade

his soul for a

two piece suit.


I stand in my grandfather’s shoes

with his red, white and green

cedar tree flag, his brown skin &

Arab blood, he came here

looking up to you!


I stand with my German heritage

although my neighborhood has

been sold to the highest bidder!

Who find favor with our mayor

& their LLC’s and doctrines

of prosperity.


I’ll stand behind

any Native peoples!


– some of them fought

for you –


although you pitted them

against each other like you

so often do!


I’ll stand anywhere I please

and sit down like Rosa Parks

if need be! This land was

never your land! Do you

remember Wounded Knee?


So, America,

get off your high horse

and practice what you

preach – you once

put that flag on the moon

with your ego and

gritted teeth.


My new position with Railroad Workers United

Two days from now, I officially start my new position with Railroad Workers United.

I will be a contracted organizer …


but what they don’t know is that they have hired a KAWA.


From what I humbly understand, from my deep study of West African, Guinean village tradition, is that the Kawa is the person who is in contact with the ancestors. The Kawa knows the natural medicines of the area and where they are to be found and is sort of the maintainer of society.


Sort of like a peacekeeper.


When there are ceremonies and community events happening, the Kawa wanders the crowd making sure people are staying appropriate and respecting the tradition and others.


Kind of like the Sergeant of Arms in a union meeting.


The video below is one of my favorite all-time YouTube videos. It is a Kawa and his apprentice.

Fadouba Oulare the Djembe player, was a very respected musician. I never had the honor of meeting him, but one of my teachers, Bolokada Conde was very good friends with him.

I take the human side of organizing very seriously. Speaking as someone who has burned out as organizer before – One of the many problems that I see with the labor movement is that they put their apprentices into very powerful positions.

Sometimes organizations expect interns and paid organizers to do way too much internal organizational work. They put people into positions that they’re not ready to fill.

Sometimes that’s OK, however, only if there are patient and loving elders who have tons of experience. Elders who are employed to mentor and challenge strategy that is academic in nature. (that is not to say that all academic study is bad)

The native peoples for centuries solved many of the social problems that We, in the various movements that we are in, are suffering from today. Many native societies had already weeded out the organizational sicknesses that I see today that are originating from corporate thinking … i.e. metrics, performance evaluations, production goals and certain team building cultures.

Those sorts of corporate ideals are evasive and do not belong in structures that are designed to care take human conditions of exploitation, violence and intentional conditions of un-organization. Labor Unions and Community organizations are infested with academic corporate culture and language that is toxic.

In my humble opinion, that is why the AFL-CIO, the UAW and many other community organizations can’t seem to organize the south as well as they would like. They need more Kawas. The organizations need more elders who understand the community and know how to hold it.

The Kawa is sort of the police department. Sort of the internal auditor of the code of culture … the protector of the mission and vision. We need as a society, to re-evaluate and define social policing. Many native societies had already figured that out as well.

more on that later ….


So, you think I am crazy?


So …

Do you think I am crazy?
Have you ever asked what I feel

after i play the Djembe?
Being trained by the best … 
some famous and revered in their countries.
This is the Just Sayin’ post.

I am trolling myself.
Doxxing my mind.

So …

Do you think I may be a liability?
Have you ever thought to ask

what Sun Ra told me
when I called him on the phone?
We used to talk for hours …

I mostly listened!

He was the elder,

I, the faithful dervish.

This is selfish talk.
I can only keep quiet for so long.
Boxing my soul.

So …

You’re afraid to include me?
I would be afraid too!

I have exposed hypocrisy freely;
what have you against that?
Have you ever talked with God?

Met Rumi in the mosque on 4th street? 

Me neither!

I did meet with Shams.
He was on the public bus.

Hanging out with Thomas Merton.
Spitting dope verse.

So, you have a PHD and a MFA.
I have also

Piled it High and Deep!

I also have
a Masters of  Fine Absurdity.

I guess you’re going

to be critical of

the very institutions that
named and made you!

And, I would too.

Be Careful with that.
Biting your own hand.

Shitting in your own cornflakes

is a dangerous position to take.

So …

Do you think I’m nuts?
I have been in the state mental institution,

and to the end
of that darkness some speak of.

I killed myself more than once.
Sufis do that, so do Buddhists and Catholic monks.
And this is egocentric!

Death is nothing to play with.

I have friends who are ghosts.

So, you think I’m nuts?
So, you have a PHD and a MFA?
So, your afraid to include me?
So, you think I may be a liability?
So, you think I am crazy?

If you are offended, defensive
or questioning why i might suggest
this verse or you feel guilty …

That is why we are not getting anywhere.

I know the taste

of my own foot.
I and I
Rasta …
This is a prayer.

Like Job, Like Jesus,
Like Joe Hill … Noah
Eugene V …

Amen and Women too …