Mother, do you think they will drop the bomb?

4 April at 07:40 ·

Mother do you think they will drop the bomb?

Answer: Yes, if they feel as if they are losing control.

Mother do you think they will like this song?

Answer: Yes, especially if they can sell advertising and then others can use YOUTUBE to do the same.

Mother do you think they will try and break my balls?

Answer: Yes, that is why they are calling you snowflake, just remember, sticks and stones will break your bones, but words can never hurt you.

Mother should I build the wall?

Answer: no, depression sucks

Mother should I run for President?

Answer: No, you should act locally and think globally.

Mother should I trust the government?

Answer: Ask any native person, from any country, if they trust the government.

Mother will they put me in the firing line?

Answer: Yes, just ask Joe Hill, William Goebel and the Ghost Dancers at Wounded Knee, tell me what they say.

Is it just a waste of time?

Answer: Go ask your dad!

Mother do you think she is good enough?

Answer: Probably not.

Mother do you think she is dangerous?

Answer: Yes, women have the power of creation, To you? Go ask your dad that part of the question.

Mother will she tear your little boy apart?

Answer: It matters how well your Father teaches you about how to sympathetically resonate with the awesome power of mothers .. Power is a very awesome thing. Just remember, the blues is a good man feeling down.

Mother will she break my heart?

Answer: Yes, daily and once a month for a week, you better hide, and when she does, break your heart, talk to your dad about that.

Mother did it need to be so high?

Answer: Son, building a wall, to protect yourself is ok, just don’t isolate yourself and become bitter. Just remember, first your money then your clothes … and remember, your mother is the earth, she will give you all you need.

Your father is the sun!

Amen and woman too ..



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