The Cooperative Manifesto II

The featured image is a picture of me from circa 1989. I was working as a cashier at the Good Neighbor Food CO-OP that was located in Louisville, Kentucky. I am holding a jar of powdered garlic from Frontier herbs CO-OP.

The video posted below is a part of my preparation for a music gig that I have at a CO-OP in Paoli, IN.  The poem posted below the video is a spoken word piece that I wrote a couple of months ago.

Enjoy and please don’t forget to share the video and this post. 

Thanks Y’all!

John Paul


The Cooperative Manifesto II


in between

the old and the new …


  1. I see the old,

grey hair with eyes

glowing of potentials,

Missions and Visions –

what was, growing old and

disappearing. Tired and worn of

speeches, marches and failures,

teach -ins, chants and just be in …

all the kings, horses, all the queens

and children cooperatively

playing alternative melodies

dreaming, eating and singing together.

What once was, in danger of coming

up short.


  1. I see the young

excited faces with fists

clinched in solidarity,

decisions and resolutions –

what is, the passionate and

growing. Ready and willing to

stand, get in the way of weapons

made to destroy life as we know it …

all the groups, factions, the new people

and children competitive

participating in innocence

dreaming, fighting and looking

to what once was, in danger of coming

in last.


(In the fierce urgency

of our time …

I sit in the middle

branded and caught.)


The message:




We hold these myths to be potential

they, hold truth to be self-evident.

We cooperatively exist,

on the other side

of duality. Afraid of nothing.

Lost and found –

rejecting all that is made

to destroy nature!

We, united in love

employed in each other.


  1. Oh, my friends,

quiet your heart

from fearful beatings.

There is darkness –

because of light.

There is an end

because of beginnings.

Our lives, the planets –

our loves, circle.

Trust in return

and find peace

in each other.

Our solutions?

We already own.


  1. Like my mother

used to say …

First your money

then your clothes,

and then you find

yourself naked!

Change your mind

to change your life.


  1. I have no time

for worry! Power

is relevant only

to the ones

who unknowingly

and irresponsibly

taunt the risk

of extinction!

Meet full















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